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Brian Bielmann is an internationally renowned photographer who has traveled the world extensively, shooting for magazines and advertisers from Bali to Australia to the Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Hawaii and everywhere in between! Brian has photographed for top lifestyle apparel companies, and his images have appeared in books and graced more than 175 magazine covers. Brian’s work has been awarded by RedBull Illume, American Photo and National Geographic, amongst others. Brian specializes in captured the unexpected moments and brings all of the experience and knowledge from his illustrious photography career to your big day!

Check out Brian’s legendary surf photography here!


Teri Ann Linn grew up in front of the camera from lucrative contracts with Fuji Film, Sunkist, Kodak, Max factor make up and many other products from being crowned Miss Hawaii USA, from the film studios of Hollywood…strutting the runways of Milan, Italy for the greatest fashion houses in Europe to doing hundreds of fashion magazine spreads and nearly a thousand magazine covers…From TV Soap Opera Star to a being a Two-Time Gold Record vocal recording artist…To entrepreneurship and developing her own sunglasses line and complete skin care line. No matter what she did in her career in pageants, modeling, acting and singing, she remained a passionate photographer throughout. Working with some of the greatest, and most famous fashion photographers all over the world.


Andy Anderson

Andy has a unique blend of artistic qualities that he developed using his technological and imaginative skills and combining them with artistry and sensitivity, blending a unique vision when shooting his subjects.

He is a master at any type of imaginative photography also utilizing drones for unique compositions. His experience is in many area of shooting subjects. From underwater and wave photography to portraiture, head-shots, print ads, weddings and even prized automobile collections. He has a well-rounded knowledge to communicate with his camera for any given need.

He has also developed the important skill in using special effects to display his artistry through the lens in creative ways through the vision of someone knowing no bounds and that all things are possible! That’s what makes an artist with a camera.

Not every photo starts out perfect and the post production aspect of photography incorporates some of the most overlooked and important elements of a stunning finished product. Andy is our team’s resident genius in post-production and makes the photos come alive by his expert knowledge of Photo Shop and Light Room. He’s an expert with many post production techniques and after-effects that make already beautiful photos become magical!


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